Heber Furnace Tune Ups

Mechanical devices require regular maintenance. You likely make it a priority to regularly check your car’s oil and other fluids as well as pay to have professional attention given to its more intricate functions. However, we often fail to give the same TLC to our furnaces. As we approach another cold winter, now is a great time to invest in a professional furnace tune up for your Heber, UT home or office. Not only can you take care of regular maintenance issues such as changing air filters , but you may even discover problems that could cause serious concerns in due time.

An Intricate Piece of Machinery

While we often take it for granted, the furnace is actually an intricate piece of machinery. There are so many components, and they all must work together to keep you home warm. When you hire the professionals to tune up your furnace in the Heber Utah area, some of the things they will do include:

  • Check and clean burners
  • Check and clean pilot tube
  • Set manifold gas pressure
  • Check fan control
  • Inspect gas valve
  • Lubricate the blower and its bearings
  • Check all wiring
  • Test for dangerous carbon monoxide
  • Check the safety interlock switch
  • Inspect the ducting
  • Check air filtration system
  • Perform a final operation check

Ensuring Both Comfort and Safety

Staying warm in the winter is crucial. Temperatures can drop down to dangerous levels, and having a professional inspection and overall tune up of your furnace is something you should certainly put on your to-do list. The cold months are right upon us, and now is the best time to ensure everything is functioning properly. Whether or not you have already lit your pilot for the season, if you have yet to inspect the unit, it’s never too late. Both the comfort and safety of you and your family depends on it.

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